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Baker Heath has produced packaged and bespoke software for nearly 20 years. Hundreds of businesses and organisations use our products ranging from high street dental surgeries and mortgage brokers to universities, colleges and the Ministry of Defence.
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Developing computer software

to meet your company requirements

We started out life as bespoke programmers writing one off programs for companies with special requirements. Later we realised that nearly all companies have their own unique needs, we also realised that when we wrote bespoke management software a lot of what we did was repeated. By 2001 we had finished developing a product flexible enough to cover the specific needs of companies like yours and not require re-programming by us. We have used this sort of technology to successfully develop systems to target the requirements of different broad types of businesses.


Here are some of the statistics for our company
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Delivering responsive, robust programs



Here are our main products that have been developed with our clients valuable help. We always record the facilities our clients request in a ‘Wish List’ and use this to constantly improve functionality. We also record areas people struggle to understand in order to improve ‘usability’
Pearl Dental Software
The fastest growing dental software
Designed for organisations that deal with membership records
Designed for colleges and universities to deal with student accommodation and conferencing
A package for financial advisors and mortgage brokers
Bespoke Programming
If you have a special requirement – we have a secret weapon that allows us to develop bespoke applications that can be deployed quickly and inexpensively but nevertheless are totally robust

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